Monday, November 19, 2007

been a while

well hello
way to much has happend since i last wrote i think. not sure when the last time was actually.
done with university, all finished.. which is great.
the presentation of my folio went well and was very much liked by everyone,which was good. it was simple and without complications like most of the ones out there. so yeah..
I have My grad exihibition this friday, so much to do, too little time.. everyone is totally un organised and it will be a total disaster but that is not my fault and to be honest hardly care lol.

had a really awesome day last wednesday when we went to cup. it was fun.
thats about it.
i should post some pictrues up. i have scanned so many my computer has no memory lol...

this will become a travel blog once i hit vietnam i think..
anyways off i go, to have some green tea.
till next time