Saturday, August 8, 2009


Its taken me a WHOLE week to recover from last weekend madness. what a weekend, i have to stay Saturday the 1st into the Sunday the 2nd of august was MAGICAL.

trip into the beyond full of colours and thoughts.
moments of pleasure combined with magical lights of randomness...
fires and trees together with love.

a wood shack was build to become shelter of mind thoughts.
moments of fear turned into jamming sessions of vocal chords.
barefooted in the bushland of the wilderness of our imagination.
Sinking in quick sand while walking in the endless dunes of the desert.
Tea and red wine became my best friends through the journey of the night.
psychedelic colours and emotions twirled all around.

morning sunrise watching the east sun rays of daylight delights.
water reflections and birds contemplations become a symphony of beautiful sounds.
strawberries for breakfast while watching the animals soak morning light.

MADNESS i tell you, sums up my night pretty well.

now a week to the day has passed i still feel my thoughts taking me back. i couldn't capture anything on film, the moment was madness,I'm glad i didn't take my camera with me.

So yes not much to comment on.
The sun is out today, finally its made its presence after a mighty delay, hiding under storm, rain and wind clouds for a while....
till next time
Ana Banana.
her b/w film ready loaded into her camera. its time for some nice tones...