Sunday, June 28, 2009

Once I Was...

The weekend was great. its Sunday night now, and i await next week with anticipation, i will do random things, i will see new things, i will learn new things and i will soul search and hopefully find an answer to one of the never ending questions that run through my head endlessly without stop...

i recently developed 15 tolls of film, of all kinds of film, some i had even forgotten and i was glad to see the results. i have also have like 10 more to develop and at least another 10 that are "misplaced" somewhere around my room. i don't really know where they are but hopefully they crawl out of their hiding places and into my eye and i can finally develop them..

I as i have said before, love taking shots of feet. Why because i feel i have the biggest connection to them, i like to show where i am, what's underneath me etc.. so here is a little collection from the latest rolls of film.

Gathering, they didn't even notice.

Mine and my favorite hat.

Again, they didn't even notice.

In the hammock.

Shadows i also love shadows.


Strange Patterns and colours i love too.
strange dimensions

Tree Branches

Dark Corners

dark corners

light corners

Thats it for now, i hope you have enjoyed this very simple post.
I look forward to this new week. the end of June, the best month.hahaha.
I miss a certain someone right now so much.
Ana Banana.
I will leave you with a song like always, a song that i love and that brings a lot of memories back. Tim Buckley, Jeff Buckley's father in case u guys are wondering if there is any relationship with the name there. Tim Buckley-Once I was.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rollin' Stone

Elephant 1948

Today was a crazy day, i went to see something that finally took me where i should always be, my subconsciousness, mine and also from a mad mad mad genius mind) and i really enjoyed it. Salvador Dali is time stopping, he knew it too, he knew it was mad, and extraordinary and he was not modest, but that was for me his charm. Today was magical, all day in his work. Even though i did not see my favorite painting by him(the red one above),tho i did not finish all the rooms in the gallery so i will come back soon, i brought a ticket that gives me access to the exhi for the remaining days. i did tho see my favorite self portrait he did(below). which was great. Self-portrait with the Neck of Raphael, circa 1921

SO yes that was part of my day, random like always, brougth some books, 4 to be honest, one is a great travel where is wally book. hahahah cant wait to start searching for him. i sometimes think he doesn't want to be found. Another one about a Colombian girl, the rum diary by the great Hunter S. T. and a nick cornby one, see how that one goes..
Oh as many of you know, Micheal Jackson died, don't think i am unkind and emotionally bankrupt as a friend put it but i was not that sad he died.. i mean yes he was a great amaising musician, but (wait i will just copy and paste my very talented beautiful kindred spirit friends words. (SARAH CARTER, or saz, or king saz or how every you may or may not know her by)

"i am NOT emotionally bankrupt. trust me. the lion king made me cry.
yet watching the news, then seeing the MJ related status updates flooding my home page made me feel...nothing..??
i am not a callous bitch. let me justify. 1. i didnt know the guy personally (duh). 2. his kids can walk around maskless now. 3. i have mourned his musical death since 1995 anyway. 4. Gavin Arvizo, Jason Francia, Jordan Chandler.

although point number 4, i have a feeling, will be glossed over in the wake of his death in the same manner suharto's corruption was glossed over when he died. death makes the heart grow fonder, no?
Rest in peace MJ."

OH yeah Farrah Fawcett also died today. oh and apparently Harrison ford and Jeff Goldblum died too. hahaha but in all honestly Farrah Fawcett did sadly pass away after her battle with cancer...
so rest in peace beautiful charlies angels woman with the golden hair and killer body...

TOMORROW i get my 15 rolls of film back and i cant wait to see and discover whats in them, i have about 10 more to develop, but money issues are very much alive right now, so i rather wait a bit longer...

i could go on and on today, but i am off to see a gig.. so till then, ENJOY AND DANCE DANCE DANCE

i leave you with some of the images i took in Tasmania.
song of the day: Muddy Waters-Rollin' Stone

Derwent River, Tasmania june 09

Wanderer, Tasmania June 09

Wanderer, Tasmania June 09

Derwent River, Tasmania June 09

Wanderer, Tasmania June 09

Monday, June 22, 2009

city lights are different than forest fires.

I am back,
so i went to Tasmania 2 weeks ago today, to see the snow, to celebrate my 24th, to have some fun, to see my monkey and to relax and sort the many many thoughts that run through my mind endlessly without stop. i accomplish to do all of the above plus more.
one down thing that happened was i took maybe one roll of film the whole entire time i was there, its not like there were not many fantastic and random opportunities to snap at, but to be frank i was just not that into carrying any sort of camera with me, yes a photographer by trade/passion and not inspired to carry her camera, my gosh have i lost it, or have i simply just lost the inspiration for the time being? someone help me because i cant simply find the solution... i did though sketch and draw like a mad person, which is good, because it shows i am still creative and don't always have to be carrying a camera, i think that's maybe the issue here. no?

So what now, well sort out my life, figure out my ideas, my dreams and live them.
I finally 24, need to do something i actually enjoy again... i need to live on my own and i need to maybe seriously get lost for a while.. How should i leave everything behind without hurting so many? that is still something i have not figured out but i know i will have the answer soon, its there, at the back of my head, i can feel it pressing and wanting to come out and explore, so stay tuned to that.

So yes cant wait to develop the roll and see the very few images i took... i will hopefully have the memories though in my mind(unless i really loose it) to prove the joyful times of playing in the snow for the 1st time, i made a snow man and everything, it was surreal and i thank Karl so very much for such a wonderful day.

My birthday was the most relaxed one I have ever had as well, chilled by the fire and played with sparkles. it was seriously fun... i didn't wear a bra, nor did i wash my hair for most of the time i was there and i didn't care. I became one with nature and it was fantastic. now back to the city life, where bills, and stress and more stresses take alot of my time...

So yes that's all for now, i could go on and on, in a very rambling mood at the moment, but i don't want to take more of your time.. so till next time. enjoy the moment and jump to reach the sky, listen to the birds sing and dance with joy at every moment possible

Ana Banana Angel
p.s i want to post this song again, cus its been on my mind for a couple of days now.. so the name of the song and the tittle shall be different
Kiss with a Fist

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Accross the Universe/ lucy in the sky with diamons

Ive had such a random, magical, trippy, pshyc, crazy weekend.
Things involved in the making of the crazy weekend are/were,

Good company,
Randoms who became friends
fire, walking,
tripping, mushrooms,
cookies, tea,
trains, freaking,
Tunnes, Moon,
dancing, painting,
buiilding, destroying,
music, acid,
lights, art,
potatoes, heat,
cold, chess,
and many many more things.

Now i am off to Tasmania to see the snow for the 1st time, to see Karl(monkey pants), to CELEBRATE MY 24th BIRTHDAY(which is on Tuesday the 9th of June), to relax, to dance and to do many more things that i cant write down because a. i dont like to plan and b. they have not happened yet so i cant write about the future. hahaha..
i hope everyone has a beautiful June, this is the middle month, the greatest month(that's cus i was born on this month and i love it) so where ever you may be, ENJOY IT and remember DANCE DANCE DANCE..

So till then, ENJOY LIFE, SMILE, and once again DANCE.
Ana Banana.

and like always i finish with the songs from the tittle of this entry, i couldnt choose so i put 2... across the universe by the beatles and this one too, Lucy in the sky with diamonds. beatles remind me of the weekend.