Sunday, January 10, 2010

its 2010

its been so long, ive forgotten how to even sign into this account, then i realized i can do it through Google accounts, so wallah i am here.
things have been hectic the last 5 months, yes its been 5 months since ive updated anything and now its 2010, a new year, A NEW DECADE, totally new beginnings, i am very much looking forward to the changes in my life this year. i welcome them in fact with wide open arms. looking forward to a new place, a new perspective in many things. looking forward to completing incomplete projects in my life. i am happy i am well, i am eager to start this new decade with bright thoughts, bright aspirations full of wonderful ideas.
So the last 5 months have been great. i met a beautiful boy, i fell in love(still in love), i reconnected with old souls, i got back in touch with my self, with my spirit and soul. i went back into the happy person i am. i picked up a paintbrush and started painting again, Yes i started doing art again and that i think has completely lifted my spirit up to a new level of happiness. i made a life changing decision of moving away from the big smoke and living in the country for a year.i decided on finishing my 2nd degree, on becoming completely independent. yes 2010 is going to be a big year for me, but i am really looking forward to it, after all number 9 means completion and number 10 means new beginnings. so i welcome them, yes i welcome change and new beginnings.

I have a few artistic projects in mind. some ive i always started, some i need to wait until i move so i can start them, but i see 2010 as the year of change and the year of finally putting the ideas i have in my head into actual projects and works of art, whether they are photographs or different kind of mediums, i will achieve them .
2010 is also the year in which i will turn a quarter of a century, yes i will be 25. not sure if i am looking forward to that or not, maybe purely because i dont actually feel like a 25 year old and yes it scares me a little bit, but then i think about it and i cant wait to turn 25. its a wierd feeling

Anyways i guess thats a nice well rounded update.
i hope everyone is doing well, and i wish everyone a beautiful, magical, wonderful and amazing year.
Peace and Hugs
ana peaceful banana angel.