Sunday, January 10, 2010

its 2010

its been so long, ive forgotten how to even sign into this account, then i realized i can do it through Google accounts, so wallah i am here.
things have been hectic the last 5 months, yes its been 5 months since ive updated anything and now its 2010, a new year, A NEW DECADE, totally new beginnings, i am very much looking forward to the changes in my life this year. i welcome them in fact with wide open arms. looking forward to a new place, a new perspective in many things. looking forward to completing incomplete projects in my life. i am happy i am well, i am eager to start this new decade with bright thoughts, bright aspirations full of wonderful ideas.
So the last 5 months have been great. i met a beautiful boy, i fell in love(still in love), i reconnected with old souls, i got back in touch with my self, with my spirit and soul. i went back into the happy person i am. i picked up a paintbrush and started painting again, Yes i started doing art again and that i think has completely lifted my spirit up to a new level of happiness. i made a life changing decision of moving away from the big smoke and living in the country for a year.i decided on finishing my 2nd degree, on becoming completely independent. yes 2010 is going to be a big year for me, but i am really looking forward to it, after all number 9 means completion and number 10 means new beginnings. so i welcome them, yes i welcome change and new beginnings.

I have a few artistic projects in mind. some ive i always started, some i need to wait until i move so i can start them, but i see 2010 as the year of change and the year of finally putting the ideas i have in my head into actual projects and works of art, whether they are photographs or different kind of mediums, i will achieve them .
2010 is also the year in which i will turn a quarter of a century, yes i will be 25. not sure if i am looking forward to that or not, maybe purely because i dont actually feel like a 25 year old and yes it scares me a little bit, but then i think about it and i cant wait to turn 25. its a wierd feeling

Anyways i guess thats a nice well rounded update.
i hope everyone is doing well, and i wish everyone a beautiful, magical, wonderful and amazing year.
Peace and Hugs
ana peaceful banana angel.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Its taken me a WHOLE week to recover from last weekend madness. what a weekend, i have to stay Saturday the 1st into the Sunday the 2nd of august was MAGICAL.

trip into the beyond full of colours and thoughts.
moments of pleasure combined with magical lights of randomness...
fires and trees together with love.

a wood shack was build to become shelter of mind thoughts.
moments of fear turned into jamming sessions of vocal chords.
barefooted in the bushland of the wilderness of our imagination.
Sinking in quick sand while walking in the endless dunes of the desert.
Tea and red wine became my best friends through the journey of the night.
psychedelic colours and emotions twirled all around.

morning sunrise watching the east sun rays of daylight delights.
water reflections and birds contemplations become a symphony of beautiful sounds.
strawberries for breakfast while watching the animals soak morning light.

MADNESS i tell you, sums up my night pretty well.

now a week to the day has passed i still feel my thoughts taking me back. i couldn't capture anything on film, the moment was madness,I'm glad i didn't take my camera with me.

So yes not much to comment on.
The sun is out today, finally its made its presence after a mighty delay, hiding under storm, rain and wind clouds for a while....
till next time
Ana Banana.
her b/w film ready loaded into her camera. its time for some nice tones...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wild Eyes

its been a while now, since ive taken a photograph, since ive written anything down, ive been hiding like a hermit crap lol. but its time to come out of the shell and get those fingers clicking clicking and my feet happy happy, i have happy feet right now, happy feet,they move all around, they cant stay still on the ground...

so i have finally made many decisions, now i just need to execute them and accomplish my goals. i cant wait, its going to be an interesting chapter of my life, but to be honest i am actually looking forward to it...

i am though a little broke, oh dear, dear dear, so ive got like 3 films waiting to be developed but no money to develop them, if they where black and whites i could do them my self, but they are not, ive been into colour alot lately. i should get back into black and white, actually i should just get into clicking the camera away and away, all my cameras in fact are in hibernation hahaha.(it is winter after all down here down under).

so that's about it.. i am feeling much better than i was before, still lost but finally with some kind of purpose.

till next time
sing sing sing

Ana Banana.
Wild Eyes, by Jesse Harris


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i am so lost
i have no idea what i want in life, i am living day by day, even wasting some days away. now i don’t know what i will do, leave, stay., i really have no clue, there is no one who can help me but me, and me is not doing to well,? i am depressed but i am happy, its like dire straits you know. uncertainty of thing and of things that will happen, i see everyone has a plan and i don’t have plans, its like i am wasting my time away but i don’t mind, i really wish i was a fish or some kind of bird, so i can swim or fly away into the unknown every single day.. my thoughts are all over the place, confusing and just lost. its deliciously complicated. its wanting what i have but not wanting what i have, its a confusing sensation that i feel every single moment of the day, every single second of my existence. And why? There is no answer, which means there shouldn’t even be a question. i am writing you because i feel in some way you understand me.... do u???
i hope your doing well. i am but i am lost, lost and in not the kind of way i like to be lost.
blindsided by Bon Iver

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dont FIght It

Today is the day
I am done with all this bullshit. its been going on for long enough.
I will make a decision and stick to it. i am tired of it all. i am DONE. today i am done. I WONT FIGHT IT ANY LONGER.
i have very hard weeks ahead of me and its good to know that there are people out there who mean so much to me that will help me get through it all.
Dont get me wrong this is a positive note, not a sad one. its about courage and strength, ability to put my foot down and say "no more", i feel fantastic, very scared and tired and fed but, but fantastic at the same time. really.
Now its time to for change, now its time for movement, now is time to express my self to my full potential. i WONT FIGHT IT ANY LONGER.

These images are from tasmania, found more and i was happy with them.
so enjoy and enjoy the song, which is: Don't fight it, by The Panics.

Thats about it
Love always

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday I'm In love

Its Friday,
i like Fridays, its the beginning of the weekend,
i like weekends, they make me happy and i like to be happy.
happy is good,
happy is wonderful.

Yesterday i went with my very beautiful friend blossom awesome,(real name Kate) to see the exhibition of Salvador Dali. Its the 2nd time ive gone to it and i was even more amazed. i really would like to pick his brain, or life in his paints, jump of rocks, melting clocks, see through his eyes and slide down his quirky mustache.
The SUN finally made its presence yesterday here in Melbourne, It was much appreciated. A beautiful Sunny Winters day. it was great. we walked around, brought things that needed to be brought, ate some very beautiful PHO, baked some cookies and ate some ice cream, oh great day.
I Also developed some rolls of film, a test roll of my Coloursplash came, one i took during the day and a surprise one i found laying around, it turns our that the surprise roll of film was from my trip to Tasmania in April, and my oh my wonderful images where discovered. The more i think about Tasmania the more i fall in love with it.

Ill leave u with some images from yesterday,

Blossom the Beautiful


Dali exhibition

Ana banana and Blossom awesome.


Blossom and I

Ana banana, the girl in the red rights, people spot me a mile away.


last but not least ME

So i leave you with two songs today, Friday i am in love by the Cure and Friday on my mind by Easy Beats

Enjoy Ana Banana.