Wednesday, April 22, 2009

its been a long time

Its been to long, to long to even comprehend what has happened to my life,to my art, to my spirits, to my emotions to everything around me and my world has changed so much since i last typed a few paragraphs and showed something here. its been beautiful, its been sad, its been hectic, its been wonderful, its been intense, its been gently. ive been happy, ive been sad. i have learn, danced, fucked(up) swam, sang, flown, walked, seen, spoken, dreamed, quit, shared, gotten lost, moved, and made many journeys and friends along the way...
i don't think i could put the year that has past into any categories or emotions, because i have felt every single one of them. its been crazy and i have loved it. tho they have been up and downs. i have still learnt and grown and my life has been for the better.

2009 started good
2008 ended good
2009 is ok so far.
who knows what this year will bring, so far its been ok. ive had a wonderful time, but i have also been completly lost and not in the way that i like to be lost. but its ok, ive taken a few random trips here and there. actually all i have done this year is trip out. its been great hahahaha. my head has been lost, in the good way and in the negative way. yes the WORD for this year so far is LOST...

Thats i think all for now, lets see where the road will take me. i have just come back from tasmania the land of beed and sea food as some would say. hahaha. no its sucha beautiful place. beautiful landscapes, infact landscapes you would go crazy for if you liked landscapes. i like landscapes so i went a little bit mad. actually i have always been mad, so there is not much change there, but landscapes that would make ppl crazy i am sure... the freshness, the pureness oh magical.
everyone remember counting sheep to sleep doesnt always work.