Monday, November 19, 2007

been a while

well hello
way to much has happend since i last wrote i think. not sure when the last time was actually.
done with university, all finished.. which is great.
the presentation of my folio went well and was very much liked by everyone,which was good. it was simple and without complications like most of the ones out there. so yeah..
I have My grad exihibition this friday, so much to do, too little time.. everyone is totally un organised and it will be a total disaster but that is not my fault and to be honest hardly care lol.

had a really awesome day last wednesday when we went to cup. it was fun.
thats about it.
i should post some pictrues up. i have scanned so many my computer has no memory lol...

this will become a travel blog once i hit vietnam i think..
anyways off i go, to have some green tea.
till next time

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

To little time, to much to do

I have no time
time is running out
i have no time
time is running out

i hate this place. i really do, its driving me insane, i have so much work to do and 2 weeks to do it in and i cant get my mind around it, to much to do, to little time. oh my god. i am going insane

this is where i want to be right now,

instead of infront of a goddamn computer making a damn movie thats taking to long to fucking edit...
I have so much work i could upload and show but i havent not had the time so scan nor to edit it.. just to much to do. and to think i want to do a masters in this, oh gosh, what do i get my self into... seriously

apart from that life is fantastic.(need to have a bit of optinisim in me right now)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random Rambles


I haven't done much latently to be honest, been concentrating on finishing some assignments i have to do for university which have taken over my whole way of living. but its only for a few more weeks and it will be over and then i can enjoy some time off and go to Vietnam and enjoy my time there.
Vietnam is going to be an awesome trip. i haven't traveled much latently(unless its around Australia) and I've missed it. so glad ot be going there. cant wait to see what i encounter and what i feel. what i see and what i take with me along the journey. making it form the north to the south in a month with 3 more friends. so its going to be a learning and building experience for all of us. cant wait to see what body of work i will produce.

my final folio is going well, learning and experiencing new things with this. its been a sorta life building exercise the whole body of work and its good to know that at least i can try and produce something that its not just work but that has some kind of meaning to me in a very profound way.

anyways this is some of the images ill us for my final folio. the idea is complex but sorta complicated in way, the body of work is not diverse and i like that.





thats it peace

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A new chapter if this book i call Live

i thought that i would get rid of my old Blog from wordpress and start a brand new one here. a new sorta chapter of my life i may call it, i am not sure what to expect. hopefully i get motivated and dont let this blog drift into just another piece of bullshit on this big wide world we call the internet..

I thought i would begin by saying that finally in less than 3 weeks i will finish my undergraduate bachelors in Visual Arts, Photography media and i cant wait.

for those who dont know me, my name is ana m angel i am a 22 year old who comes from colombia and is now living in australia..
i have been interested in art all my life and hopefully will be interested in art for the rest of my life..
i live my life each day as it where my last and i am glad to be living with that philosophy because it helps me be free..

thats about it for now.
hopefully i can come back laters and tell you and show you about each of my days and my body of art work..

ana mercedes angel
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