Monday, January 14, 2008

Vietnam and the whole Xmas Fuzz

Well its been a while since ive written, alot of things have happend since.. i finished my degree, i got into a masters(which means more studying but i have made my peace with it, its only a year and half), also i have gone and come back from Vietnam. spend Xmas and New years there, heaps of fun, meeting new ppl, seeing new things, learning new cultures, learning the history and exploring the landscapes... t

Vietnam is such a diverse place, such country full of beauty and culture.. full of rich history, some good some bad, yet the people are so derterment and rich in culture.... loved every moment of it, i wish i couldnt have stayed longer, but duty(real life) calls and sadly i had to come back...

The place was fantastic for photographs, and i didnt hesitate to take full advantage of it... so here i leave you with a new images from my trip.. just a few for now..

hope everyone is having a beauitufl time in this Brand NEW YEAR 08... wish everyone love, peace and happiness.

Old lady and a baby in Bac Ha market
An old Black H'mong old man in Sapa

I love her expression, her mom was putting on shoes and she couldnt care less. Flower H'mong kid. Bac Ha
Red Dzao, very good barganers, very pushy Sellers.. Sapa

Her eyes just captivated me, Flower H'mong People tribe..

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