Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So here i am, another day another post...
i have been really enjoying my time latetly, looking at all the images from vietnam, its been great, i can made 2 folios which i would very much like to use in for something, either exihibitions or shows, i need to look more into it.... ideas ideas ideas, need all to be developed lol.
So finding a place to move into, is not as easy as i thought, there are just so many places, and ive found good places, and now i am just waiting to hear back from them.. i need to move and find a place ASAP.. lol i really need to move...
so yeah thought i would put down some of the images i've been working with for the past few days. all from my recent vietnam trip..

I took this image of this Flower H'mong girl in Bac Ha market, in northern vietnam. she wasent very happy, she was buying veggies from this lady and she wasent happy being ripped off..

I remember this day, it was totally foggie and very difficult to photograph. yet i manage to produce great images from that day, this is a lady from the Red Dzao Tribe, in Sapa, Northern Vietnam.

This image was taken just as she scream at another old lady, she made me laugh. Bac Ha Market, Northen Vietnam, Lady from the Flower H'mong Tribe.

Took this image in Bac Ha market in northern vietnam, on a sunday. i just loved the contrasts it gave me.

I took this image in Hanoi, by the lake, i admire this kids for a while, they stood there for as long as i remember, it was great. dont know why but i enjoyed watching them.

Thats it for now i guess
till next time.

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