Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lazyness with heaps to do

hi everyone.
gosh i feel like the worst photographer in the world. i havent picked up a camera in weeks, i just cant be fucked. yes i cant be fucked, no not really its just i have been having the most stressfull weeks i have had in a long time.
finding a house, finding a place to move in, traveling by train for hours on end(i hate trains arghhh) going here going there, seeing this house, seeing another house,m finally finding a house i like, paying the rent(having no money) moving out from the old place. packing up, cleaning up, renting a van o move my shit, arghhh. paying my masters course(no money again) accepting the offer, getting my marks sorted out, begging the university to pass me, finally passing me, sending the stuff, trying to figure out where to pay, the heat has been NON TOLERABLE.. and i just cant wait to be moved in my new place(love the room my god its like a studio in it self.. loves it)
anyways thats about it for now.
just bussy bussy, but while i was packing i found heaps of rolls i never developed. so cant wait to develope them and see what happens.
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