Monday, July 13, 2009

Dont FIght It

Today is the day
I am done with all this bullshit. its been going on for long enough.
I will make a decision and stick to it. i am tired of it all. i am DONE. today i am done. I WONT FIGHT IT ANY LONGER.
i have very hard weeks ahead of me and its good to know that there are people out there who mean so much to me that will help me get through it all.
Dont get me wrong this is a positive note, not a sad one. its about courage and strength, ability to put my foot down and say "no more", i feel fantastic, very scared and tired and fed but, but fantastic at the same time. really.
Now its time to for change, now its time for movement, now is time to express my self to my full potential. i WONT FIGHT IT ANY LONGER.

These images are from tasmania, found more and i was happy with them.
so enjoy and enjoy the song, which is: Don't fight it, by The Panics.

Thats about it
Love always

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