Friday, July 24, 2009

Wild Eyes

its been a while now, since ive taken a photograph, since ive written anything down, ive been hiding like a hermit crap lol. but its time to come out of the shell and get those fingers clicking clicking and my feet happy happy, i have happy feet right now, happy feet,they move all around, they cant stay still on the ground...

so i have finally made many decisions, now i just need to execute them and accomplish my goals. i cant wait, its going to be an interesting chapter of my life, but to be honest i am actually looking forward to it...

i am though a little broke, oh dear, dear dear, so ive got like 3 films waiting to be developed but no money to develop them, if they where black and whites i could do them my self, but they are not, ive been into colour alot lately. i should get back into black and white, actually i should just get into clicking the camera away and away, all my cameras in fact are in hibernation hahaha.(it is winter after all down here down under).

so that's about it.. i am feeling much better than i was before, still lost but finally with some kind of purpose.

till next time
sing sing sing

Ana Banana.
Wild Eyes, by Jesse Harris


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