Wednesday, October 17, 2007

To little time, to much to do

I have no time
time is running out
i have no time
time is running out

i hate this place. i really do, its driving me insane, i have so much work to do and 2 weeks to do it in and i cant get my mind around it, to much to do, to little time. oh my god. i am going insane

this is where i want to be right now,

instead of infront of a goddamn computer making a damn movie thats taking to long to fucking edit...
I have so much work i could upload and show but i havent not had the time so scan nor to edit it.. just to much to do. and to think i want to do a masters in this, oh gosh, what do i get my self into... seriously

apart from that life is fantastic.(need to have a bit of optinisim in me right now)

1 comment:

Simon said...

Sounds like a busy time indeed. Good luck with the editing and hope you get some relaxing beach time before too long.

Smiles and sunshine from me to you :)