Friday, May 22, 2009

Dazed and Confused.

So today was an interesting day, i told u guys i cleaned my room, hahah well today i brought a brand new vacuum(that word looks so dirty to me)cleaner. gosh i am becoming tidy, what is happening to the world, its nice tho, but my room seems so empty and big and its freaking me out, tho i am happy its clean. tomorrow we have a house inspection and my fucking landlord will be tagging along with the real state, gosh that woman gets on my nerves. imagine if you will the mother in the movie Requiem For A Dream. that's my landlord tho a little bit worse, she is a nosy bitch, who thinks she is the bomb who annoys the fuck out of me, but because i dont take shit from her, and i speak back to her(she talks and talks and never lets anyone else say a word) well i am the one who always sees her, i think the rest of my housemates are afraid of her. to be honest i cant be fucked with her either. oh did i mention when she speaks, she speaks int he third person, its the most comic thing.. so yes she is coming tomorrow, and oh my, my day is just wonderful because of that. hahaha

So apart from buying a vacuum cleaner today, i painted something wonderful today, i think i will apply for an exhibition (a post card one). for those who don't know, for those kinds of exhibitions the works have to be 30x30x30 no bigger, so i might enter 3 works, two paintings and one photograph. or maybe even mix media, i don't know yet, i have until next week, and its one of the gallery spaces i like. so should be good if i do...
I also cleaned the front garden today(yes i know who is this, Ana cleaning, no way hahaha)... it was a nice day, tho i think there was something in the air all day, i was feeling uneasy, nervous or something for no reason. actually there is a lot happening with my life, things that i rather not get into, but i am happy. and i have no fucking idea why. i like this euphoric feeling to be honest...

Its blossom awesomes bday on saturday the 23rd, and oddly enough she turns 23. hahah gosh that girl means the world to me.

In other news i really miss my monkey tho, which maybe is what is making me uneasy. but i know that he is thinking and missing me too, so that calms me down.. life is just the way it is and time is needed for us both to grow, learn and most importantly BE... its just i miss my best friend u know. gosh its wierd how close we got so quickly. its like we always new eachother somehow.sometimes i still cant believe it.

Anyways i think thats it for now. i better be going. but like always i will leave you with the song of the day.

love always, be safe and watch out for that monster under your bed..

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