Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lived in Bars

I’ve decided that the title of each entry should be the title of a song, after all a lot of my work is named after name of songs. I’ve noticed a lot of people though this. Who knows why? Its one of those things that really intrigues me

Today i cleaned my room, and i found many buried treasures. i had totally given up on the idea of finding my favorite pair of sun glasses, I thought i had lost them on some crazy adventure, but no i found them, buried under a lot of more forgotten things, such a pencils, pens, coins, scarf and books. Man I own a lot of books, book of all kinds of things, I’ve fallen in love with books all over again I think. I wish I read more when I was younger. It’s something I regret. But then again I was dips in oils and inks from head to toe, through my fingertips and all over my clothes. Poor mom, I remember her telling me off because I had made a mess, but then she would always tell me, go paint, go do your thing. So I did… something else I thank my parents is for not influencing us into watching TV or playing with electronic things, at home everything was about culture, art, sports, and the outdoors, I only wish that when we moved to indo, we had more nature around us, that’s another thing I would of wanted. But then again look at me know, I appreciate it even more.

I am really into cat power today, she has such a fantastic voice, her lyrics and her rhythm just melts my heart. it makes me Happy, she makes me happy, music makes me happy.

Here i am today

One thing i enjoy the most,is to sit somewhere, or lay somewhere, look up and see the clouds move. i can seriously do this for hours and hours. just give me a clear sky and some clouds and you have me hooked.

i would love to own a plant like this.

take me back where i belong.

so yes i love clouds.

and collecting slides, random slides, i go into 2nd hand shops and find them, or while walking down the street, like i did these...

I found this awesome gallery space the other day while walking with some friends around the city, we where on an Art Quest that day and i think i fell in love with MELBOURNE all over again, and i cant really understand how that could even be possible because i have never fallen out of love with Melbourne, i guess its just ive re discovered how much i actually love this place.. yes that's it....

anyways i better leave everyone, ive taken enough of your time, but thanks for giving me 5 minutes of your busy busy day....

p.s i end like always with the song of the day.this one is it for today, because cat power rocks my world..
Adore this song (copy past)

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