Monday, May 18, 2009

First day of my Life

Hi gosh its been a while,
what have i been up to?
well to be honest ive been stuck like glue to my work. painting, drawing, sketching, taking photographs, writing, music and jumping among a few more crazy things...
how about you?

Espy Tripping

Espy tripping
karl back in feb, dancing to a beautiful live band.

Do you like tea with milk or without milk? i like it without, excapt chai tea, which obviously wont be a chai without the milk. last night with a friend, we went into an indian place and orderd tea. they brought us some crappy english breakfast/earlgrey tea with milk and bubbles. it was so gross, i was waiting for some nice tea. no that did not happen.

I am always happy when it comes to moonlight sessions.

Train spotting

The muse... enough said, that person in two days brought me back from a place i rather not go back to.. i dont know him well but i thank him always.

Walking, i have alot of photographs of my feet, why well because i love feet, and not in a fetish kind of way, but more in a admiring way, i like to take photographs of feet. show where i am going or/and where i've been.

'Yarra tripping'
Something i love doing. this activity includes,sitting by a river,sea,beach,mountain,forest,garden etc... friends, sun, camera, beer, smokes, book(if alone) and sketchpad. always.

Dancing in circles is one of my favorite thigns to do too. it blows my mind..

I do enjoy collecting leaves, plants and seeds. flowers too, dry them up and make a collage.

I wish i lived near there.. i would never leave, one day.

Love climbing trees.

Thats it for now i think, so till next time. have a good night sleep, soak up the sun as much as you can, dance, drink, laugh, love, eat, jump,sing, walk, learn and fly as high and much as you can...

Oh before i go, listen to this song..

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