Monday, June 22, 2009

city lights are different than forest fires.

I am back,
so i went to Tasmania 2 weeks ago today, to see the snow, to celebrate my 24th, to have some fun, to see my monkey and to relax and sort the many many thoughts that run through my mind endlessly without stop. i accomplish to do all of the above plus more.
one down thing that happened was i took maybe one roll of film the whole entire time i was there, its not like there were not many fantastic and random opportunities to snap at, but to be frank i was just not that into carrying any sort of camera with me, yes a photographer by trade/passion and not inspired to carry her camera, my gosh have i lost it, or have i simply just lost the inspiration for the time being? someone help me because i cant simply find the solution... i did though sketch and draw like a mad person, which is good, because it shows i am still creative and don't always have to be carrying a camera, i think that's maybe the issue here. no?

So what now, well sort out my life, figure out my ideas, my dreams and live them.
I finally 24, need to do something i actually enjoy again... i need to live on my own and i need to maybe seriously get lost for a while.. How should i leave everything behind without hurting so many? that is still something i have not figured out but i know i will have the answer soon, its there, at the back of my head, i can feel it pressing and wanting to come out and explore, so stay tuned to that.

So yes cant wait to develop the roll and see the very few images i took... i will hopefully have the memories though in my mind(unless i really loose it) to prove the joyful times of playing in the snow for the 1st time, i made a snow man and everything, it was surreal and i thank Karl so very much for such a wonderful day.

My birthday was the most relaxed one I have ever had as well, chilled by the fire and played with sparkles. it was seriously fun... i didn't wear a bra, nor did i wash my hair for most of the time i was there and i didn't care. I became one with nature and it was fantastic. now back to the city life, where bills, and stress and more stresses take alot of my time...

So yes that's all for now, i could go on and on, in a very rambling mood at the moment, but i don't want to take more of your time.. so till next time. enjoy the moment and jump to reach the sky, listen to the birds sing and dance with joy at every moment possible

Ana Banana Angel
p.s i want to post this song again, cus its been on my mind for a couple of days now.. so the name of the song and the tittle shall be different
Kiss with a Fist

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