Sunday, June 28, 2009

Once I Was...

The weekend was great. its Sunday night now, and i await next week with anticipation, i will do random things, i will see new things, i will learn new things and i will soul search and hopefully find an answer to one of the never ending questions that run through my head endlessly without stop...

i recently developed 15 tolls of film, of all kinds of film, some i had even forgotten and i was glad to see the results. i have also have like 10 more to develop and at least another 10 that are "misplaced" somewhere around my room. i don't really know where they are but hopefully they crawl out of their hiding places and into my eye and i can finally develop them..

I as i have said before, love taking shots of feet. Why because i feel i have the biggest connection to them, i like to show where i am, what's underneath me etc.. so here is a little collection from the latest rolls of film.

Gathering, they didn't even notice.

Mine and my favorite hat.

Again, they didn't even notice.

In the hammock.

Shadows i also love shadows.


Strange Patterns and colours i love too.
strange dimensions

Tree Branches

Dark Corners

dark corners

light corners

Thats it for now, i hope you have enjoyed this very simple post.
I look forward to this new week. the end of June, the best month.hahaha.
I miss a certain someone right now so much.
Ana Banana.
I will leave you with a song like always, a song that i love and that brings a lot of memories back. Tim Buckley, Jeff Buckley's father in case u guys are wondering if there is any relationship with the name there. Tim Buckley-Once I was.

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