Sunday, June 7, 2009

Accross the Universe/ lucy in the sky with diamons

Ive had such a random, magical, trippy, pshyc, crazy weekend.
Things involved in the making of the crazy weekend are/were,

Good company,
Randoms who became friends
fire, walking,
tripping, mushrooms,
cookies, tea,
trains, freaking,
Tunnes, Moon,
dancing, painting,
buiilding, destroying,
music, acid,
lights, art,
potatoes, heat,
cold, chess,
and many many more things.

Now i am off to Tasmania to see the snow for the 1st time, to see Karl(monkey pants), to CELEBRATE MY 24th BIRTHDAY(which is on Tuesday the 9th of June), to relax, to dance and to do many more things that i cant write down because a. i dont like to plan and b. they have not happened yet so i cant write about the future. hahaha..
i hope everyone has a beautiful June, this is the middle month, the greatest month(that's cus i was born on this month and i love it) so where ever you may be, ENJOY IT and remember DANCE DANCE DANCE..

So till then, ENJOY LIFE, SMILE, and once again DANCE.
Ana Banana.

and like always i finish with the songs from the tittle of this entry, i couldnt choose so i put 2... across the universe by the beatles and this one too, Lucy in the sky with diamonds. beatles remind me of the weekend.

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rebel robot said...

cooool! sounds like a nice weekend ana banana!!! i want to see the paintings!