Monday, July 6, 2009

If we want it - it's right

I have had a very random weekend, its been good and i have enjoyed my time.
i still miss a certain someone alot and i miss my family too. i love my life here but i really think its time for a DRASTIC CHANGE, otherwise i believe i might(WILL) go insane.
I ordered a Coloursplash camera of lomography last week and today i get a msg on the door that they tried to deliver it and no one was home, so i called them and it should be redelivered tomorrow yeah...cant wait to play with it...

Here are some Black and White's for today's post. ENJOY

These are some shots i took last time i was home visiting my parents.

I hope everyone is doing welll
Song of the day is by Thomas Dybdahl- If we want it- It's right.
I choose this song for 3 reasons, One: reminds me of my friend linn
two: it takes me back to my years at university, being in the darkroom, developing black and white photographs and smelling all the chemicals. i played his songs on and on every time i was in the darkroom, for some reason they helped me concentrate and work well.
and three: I love his VOICE and this SONG



rebel robot said...

what do u actually study?

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Ana Banana Angel said...

jeff, thank u dear