Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday I'm In love

Its Friday,
i like Fridays, its the beginning of the weekend,
i like weekends, they make me happy and i like to be happy.
happy is good,
happy is wonderful.

Yesterday i went with my very beautiful friend blossom awesome,(real name Kate) to see the exhibition of Salvador Dali. Its the 2nd time ive gone to it and i was even more amazed. i really would like to pick his brain, or life in his paints, jump of rocks, melting clocks, see through his eyes and slide down his quirky mustache.
The SUN finally made its presence yesterday here in Melbourne, It was much appreciated. A beautiful Sunny Winters day. it was great. we walked around, brought things that needed to be brought, ate some very beautiful PHO, baked some cookies and ate some ice cream, oh great day.
I Also developed some rolls of film, a test roll of my Coloursplash came, one i took during the day and a surprise one i found laying around, it turns our that the surprise roll of film was from my trip to Tasmania in April, and my oh my wonderful images where discovered. The more i think about Tasmania the more i fall in love with it.

Ill leave u with some images from yesterday,

Blossom the Beautiful


Dali exhibition

Ana banana and Blossom awesome.


Blossom and I

Ana banana, the girl in the red rights, people spot me a mile away.


last but not least ME

So i leave you with two songs today, Friday i am in love by the Cure and Friday on my mind by Easy Beats

Enjoy Ana Banana.


rebel robot said...

i love that song! friday im in love, im not tho its super gray over here. i see yellow faces!! i see your enjoying your colorsplash

rebel robot said...

by the way, you can upload more then 7 photos i cant do that!!!! do u know why maybe?

Ana Banana Angel said...

Yes i am enjoying my coloursplash alot. ahaha the built in blue washes everything out to much tho, i dont like it that much, but yeha i like, now savce save or win the lotto so i can get my lca complete hahaha..

to the answer about the uploading more than 7 images, i dunno, i just upload 4 at one time then another 4 and so fourth, does it tell u cant upload more than 7, wierd, check ur uploading settings or something.

jeffhahn said...

LOVE the last image, one of the best feet shots ever.. the colours are just incredible !!